SideWinder® Grip Twister #4 Hand, Finger, Wrist and Thumb Exerciser

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  • Blow up and strengthen your wrists, fingers and thumbs – and the forearms along the way

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The Grip Twister #4 was designed specifically for the wrist, hand, fingers and thumbs. Click here to see who uses our products

The Grip Twister is a precision made unit crafted from aluminum and anodized for strength and durability with a sleek stainless look.

A self contained unit with an adjustible tension knob for an easy transition of resistance. It is highly capable of helping sport enthusiasts and the athlete seeking serious hand & wrist strength in professional sports.

Excellent for rehabing if you have weak hands or just need a tune up or rehabing a fractured wrist or fingers, then this is the device for you. All products are able to help you to regain your hand function and strength. Controlled motion is one of the best features to ensure that you will not cause further injuries. It is also portable-carry it anywhere. (Please check with your physician prior to using)

Fat Grip Training with 4.25 inch diameter handles which forces more of your muscles to fire up and grow! Adjustable tension from zero to impossible. Grip ready knurling on both handles and inside knurling on the left handle for special pinch exercise. Resistance and repetition coupled with consistency are the keys to making YOURS a success Story! Compact enough to go where you go, It's soon to become a favorite of your workout regime  We stand behind our products because they are made TOUGH!

Please note: Our Grip Twisters are made of aluminum, and BEFORE  the anodization process is applied, our products may sport a few differences in the knurling and may have minor machining marks. This is normal and does not affect the operation of the product, nor the warranty of our product.  There are NO RETURNS for this as it is part of the unit being hand assembled in our warehouse.


Additional Benefits of Anodizing:
Anodized aluminum parts are commonly found in aircraft and architectural components, as well as consumer goods such as appliances (refrigerators, microwaves, and barbecues), sporting goods (baseball bats, golf carts, and fishing equipment) and electronics (televisions, smartphones, and computers).
The broad-based benefits of anodizing include:
*It's a very thin coating compared to paints and powders.

*Extremely durable, hard, abrasion resistant and long lasting. The coating does not peel or chip. Much harder surface than paint and powders.
*Lasts indefinitely.
*Environmentally friendly finish. Can easily be recycled.



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