How does the SideWinder® compare to similar products?

The SideWinder is the best hand, wrist and forearm exerciser on the market. The SideWinder is a quality piece of machinery that will not fall apart like many cheaper imported products.

One of the features that makes it stand apart from competitors is the fact that the SideWinder can last any number of revolutions in either direction while maintaining the same resistance. Another feature is that the adjusting knob is calibrated so if you share the SideWinder you can always go back to the resistance you were originally working with.

Where and how is the SideWinder® made?

The SideWinder is made in the USA with steel tubing, machined aluminum and neoprene handles. (The Revolution #1 and Grip Twister #4 have knurled handles) It contains no plastic parts that can wear and eventually break. Just like Mom used to say, you get what you pay for!

Which model is right for me?

The Revolution #1 and the Pro Plus #2 are perfect for anyone starting a workout regimen or involved in rehabilitative therapy. And the SideWinder Pro Xtreme #3 is made for the toughest of you, such as the professional athlete. The Grip Twister#4 was designed specifically to build strength in the hand, wrist, fingers, thumbs and forearms along the way. Ideal for sport enthusiasts and the professional athlete as well as rehab.

What else do I get with my SideWinder®?

Every model comes with a full-color brochure with instructions for using your SideWinder. It also includes photos and explanations of the various grips and exercises you can do with your SideWinder.

How do I clean my SideWinder®?

Clean your SideWinder using a soft cloth dampened with mild soap and water. Thoroughly dry the SideWinder. Never submerge your SideWinder in water. Never place your SideWinder in sand, dirt, chalk, or any gritty substance which could cause the mechanism to bind up.

How often should I use my SideWinder®?

You should use your SideWinder at least three times per week for a minimum of 20 repetitions per exercise. Be sure to visit the Using your SideWinder page and the Your Workout page for more information about the various exercises.

I want to use my SideWinder® when I travel, does it make any noise?

The SideWinder is a quality piece of equipment. When using the SideWinder there may be a slight clicking sound when transferring resistance from forward and backwards. This sound will dissipate at higher resistance levels, not to worry as this is normal.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

For information about quantity discounts or to purchase ten or more SideWinders, please call us at 800-535-6960.

About the Resistance and Red lines

The Sidewinder products are hand made and no two are exactly alike. As a result the red line on the product may be a little low and on others, the red line will be a little high. This is NOT a defect.
To get maximum resistance- just turn the adjustment knob all the way down until it stops. That will be full resistance.