Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Just to let you know, I have received the Sidewinder today. I could not resist to try it immediately. Wow, this thing burns!
Good Morning Chris,

I wanted to reach out and thank you! I recently purchased the sidewinder and it is such a greatly designed and performing product. I have owned a grip stick in the past but that isn’t even in the same stratosphere as this! Once again thank you!

Wishing you much success and a great Holiday season!

Warm Regards,

Timothy F

I sure am enjoying this Sidewinder. What an ingenious machine. Thank you.

I have had your strongest level SportsGrip for a year but am now getting into it seriously. It is simply amazing and unbelievable. I feel like you should just make the one model because all levels can use it. And you should market to MMA community. Call it a grapple stick or something. If more people knew about it you would sell a lot. I love it!
S. Daoud
Just wanted to say thank you for a new incredible toy! This thing is arnazing. I teach close quarter and knife combatives and having a solid grip is essential. I showed it to a few friends, one owns a gym in the area, and they loved it as well and I gave them your contact and Again, thanks much.
Ron, www.StreetCombatives.US, Specializing in Close Quarter Combatives; Solon, OH
Received this tool today. This is very precise, beautiful, is lighter than expected, and has improved. I am very much pleased. I feel that my hand carries out a pump rise by repeating operation. I think that there are few such goods direct in the tool which trains a grip like this. I think that this product is welcomed by Japanese consumers. Thank you. It is a very good tool.
Takeshi, Japan
I am very pleased with the quality and heft of the SideWinder Pro. This is built and calibrated better than the one my hand therapist has me using in my physical therapy sessions following extensive surgery on my wrist.
Frank, Powder Springs, Georgia
I wanted to give you some feed back on your product. I find the product to be of exceptional quality. I use this product 30 minutes each day.

It is my favorite piece of exercise equipment I own. It is very portable this makes it great for people on the go.

The product has a extra thick handle, which forces your fingers and forearms to extend more.

The result is faster building of strength. The built in resistance gauge works well. As you get stronger just adjust the resistance knob and the Sidewinder adapts to your strength progress.

I have purchased every forearm gadget on the market; all provide little to no resistance. I broke 6 of them in 60 days or less.

I wasted my money on these poorly made China and Taiwan imports. Most of these products come with no warranty or a very short one.

The Sidewinder ProXtreme is built like a tank, MADE IN AMERICA, and comes with a LIFETIME warranty.

If you want serious results, buy the Sidewinder PROXtreme.

John, The Few. The Proud. The Marines.
Good Morning. I purchased two Sidewinder Pro units, one for myself and one as a gift for a friend. What an awesome tool, feels and looks like a Rolls Royce. They are an excellent product that I plan on recommending to my friends. I’m going to purchase the Sportster for my wife. Worth every penny! Thank you.
Eric, Le Roy, New York
The SideWinder is the coolest way to exercise and work-out your forearms plus strengthen hands and wrists! The best part is you can adjust the resistance instantly with the built-in calibrated tension gauge – just turn the knob clockwise or counter clockwise! Whether you’re looking to increase your hand strength or build strong forearms, there’s a SideWinder model to meet your needs. All SideWinders are extremely high quality products made from machined aluminum and steel! All SideWinders are made IN CONTINENTAL USA and carry a lifetime guarantee. Take it with you wherever you go – it’s portable.
Bruce Pechman
Just got shipment okay. Nice piece of machinery. I had for years a plastic version, thought I could never replace it (it was way worn out years ago), glad to have a new machine.
Karl, Reno, Nevada
Just to let you know… The vascularity in my hands and forearms has increased tremendously. My forearms looked pumped ALL the time. I now have to work on my biceps to make my arms even out.

My workout:

Lighter tension day: 1 minuted for each of the exercises recommended with 5 seconds rest between each – twice a day.

Heavy tension day: 10 reps for each of the exercises recommended – twice a day.

Your product rips the competition!

Richard, Los Angeles, California
I helped you work the Great Lakes Athletic Training Association Convention a few years ago. I am writing to let you know that I still regularly use the Sidewinder with my athletes who have wrist and forearm injuries , and it is still in great shape after two years.
Michael, Athletic Trainer, AthletiCo., Ltd, Chicago Machine, Lake Park High School, Concussion Special Interest Group Chair
Wow, i just got my Sidewinder. Awsome. The most practical piece of any equipment I’ve bought. I’m just starting to workout after two years of down time with a serious shoulder surgery on April 1st . And I can say I think you wouldn’t even need another forearm excercise. If you want before and after pictures I can do this. I’m at the most out of shape in my life. With my 50th this month I’m trying to get committed to getting it back. Thanks.
Kelly, Houma, Louisiana
I received my Sidewinder this afternoon. I’m extremely impressed! Great product!

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