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For sale within USA only.

Using the SideWinder just a few minutes a day has been proven to:Your hands are the last link between you and your sport!

  • Develop a stronger grip
  • Build muscle tone from hands to biceps and triceps
  • Create better control
  • Eliminate the negatives like a weak grip, loose wrists and lack of confidence

Together, you and your SideWinder will increase your grip and forearm strength for better performance in nearly every sport like...

Baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, football, rock climbing, martial arts, lacrosse, bowling, volleyball, hockey, gymnastics, rodeo events, weight training, handball, wrestling, motocross, waterskiing, archery, equestrian events

and in areas where wrist and finger action is important, such as:

Art, music, physical therapy, massage therapy

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The magic handle

Sidewinder: Two-handled, rubber-coated, 14 1/2-inch bar with an internal spring-resistance mechanism that lets you spin each side independently and an ingenious adjustment dial that allows you to change resistance almost instantly.

Likes: Designed by former tree climber Chris Nieman to be a compact version of the age-old "weight-on-a-rope" wrist-rollers, the Sidewinder allows a quick, effective workout for hands and forearms. There's good versatility, as you can alternate right- and left-hand twists, twist one side only, and try a variety of positions. The rubber-coated cylinders are quite comfortable in your palms, and the simple, well-designed resistance dial is marked with five lines to let you gauge your workouts accurately. Three models with different handle diameters, length and weight are available.

Dislikes: None.

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I thought that I had probably already found the ultimate wrist roller when I purchased a Sierra Mega Wrist Roller a year or so ago, but then I found and splurged a little on the purchase of a SideWinder® Pro Xtreme. In my opinion, this is the best wrist roller/forearm/hand grip strength/arm training device you can buy. Ingenious design, very high quality, built like a tank (made from machined aluminum and steel) and made to last with a lifetime guarantee. Has some heft to it at 4.3 lbs, but very portable with no rope or plates required. Can easily adjust resistance from very easy to impossible. Can use in a large variety of ways that a rope based roller cannot duplicate. Serious piece of training equipment and very worth the price.

SideWinder® Pro Xtreme Advantages:

  • Best of the best - very high quality, built like a tank (made from machined aluminum and steel) and made to last with a lifetime warranty
  • Portable and Convenient - put it in your bag and go, or keep in your desk drawer...can always have it at hand
  • Quickly adjustable - no plates to change
  • Virtually infinite resistance - from zero to impossible
  • Keep going to failure - don't have to stop due to shoulder fatigue or you're at the end of your rope :D
  • Thick Handles - great for grip strength and forearm training
  • Use at any angle - horizontal, vertical, behind the back, above the head, alternating grip, screwdriver (single arm training) or any other variation you can think of...can't do most of these with a rope
  • Not plasticy (as most commercial wrist rollers are) - won't break or wear out after extended or heavy use
  • Smooth Action
  • Lifetime Guarantee

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