Get A Grip in 2021 — New SideWinder Products Now Available!
 Adjust the resistance instantly by simply turning knob (built-in tension gauge)
 SideWinder Pro XTREME T6 grows with you…increase/decrease intensity as you train
 Exceptional versatility—use vertical grip, horizontal grip, reverse grip & screwdriver grip
 Made in U.S.A., portable, use it anywhere, calibrated adjustable resistance…and FUN!

Come On Folks—Get A Grip
It’s been 10 years since I last reviewed the original “SideWinder” family of products—the latest products improve upon the previous generation in every way. I’m particularly excited to report about SportGrips’ latest models which will help you in almost every sporting related endeavor including: Baseball, Football, Martial Arts, Rock Climbing, Weightlifting (my favorite), or just about any other activity or hobby!

I had the pleasure to catch up with my good friend Chris Nieman, CEO of Nieman Enterprises, Inc. last week about their latest generation of SideWinders which are available directly from their website at

For background, Chris is one of those rare entrepreneurs with true vision along with hands-on skills as a master machinist, developing and refining his beautifully fabricated SideWinder exercisers (Made in USA) to his own exacting standards. Chris explained to me there are 3 new models of SideWinders available now at, starting with the flagship SideWinder Pro XTREME T6.

Big Changes at Hand
The biggest changes in the newer models is the precision knurled CNC anodized aluminum body (this is where you place your hands) using a textured symmetrical intricate geometric design that replaces the previous generation’s black smooth neoprene handles. The reason for this change is user feedback indicated when palms got sweaty, the moisture caused a slick surface and a tight grip was difficult to achieve.

The gorgeous new SideWinder Pro XTREME T6 is the “Big Daddy” of them all, and when you open the box…you’ll just start smiling because the T6 is a masterpiece; a sculpture of exercise artwork you’ll be proud to use every day, and display on your desk. BTW, if you’re not as hardcore as me, Mr. Bicep, you can always go with the new “SideWinder Revolution #1” model or even the “SideWinder Grip Twister #4” model (specifically designed for wrist, hand, fingers and thumbs & excellent for rehabbing if you have weak hands or just need a tune up). See table below for comparisons. Now, back to my favorite exercise gadget…The Pro XTREME T6!

There’s a reason it’s called the SideWinder Pro XTREME T6…notice the length & weight, and the tapered grip on both ends. It’s designed to accommodate all size hands, and still deliver heavy duty results for both athletes and novices alike.

But what the specs don’t tell you is just how insanely difficult this baby is to twist when you adjust the calibrated tension knob to the MAX…yeehaw I could hardly move it a centimeter. Thank goodness you can turn the tension knob down to easy, and then gradually work up to the harder levels. Just to give you an idea how hardcore the Pro XTREME T6 model is, Chris told me the tension spring spec is 380lbs. and the roller bearings can support 2,000 pounds!

WARNING: If you’re a work-out junkie like me, the second your Pro XTREME T6 arrives at your door, you may be tempted to crank up the tension knob to the max.

Just a tip, after each session always remember to turn the knob counter-clockwise to reduce the torque/tension to ensure your product is always performing optimally. Basically, this will preserve the nice tight tension of the device and spring.

I can’t say enough great things about the SideWinder Pro XTREME T6—I keep mine in my gym bag as part of my arsenal of awesome and essential workout gear and I’m ordering a second one for my house just to show it off! Whether you’re looking to build on improved hand, grip, wrist, or forearm strength for just about any activity or sport, any SideWinder product you choose will help you achieve results you’ll be pleased with.
If your desire is to have great looking forearms such as Mr. Bicep and you want the best of the best, you will fall in love with the SideWinder Pro XTREME T6. Just look at my forearms in the pictures below at 64 years old on 12/29/20. I have been using SideWinder products for 10 years!

A Personal Note About Maintaining Grip Strength from Mr. Bicep
As we age, our hand strength and grip diminish. It’s very important to maintain our grip as we get older to help us live more independent lives. From simple tasks like opening different shape door handles, opening windows and food jars—preserving our hand strength will help us lead more productive lives. One last thing…please keep Chris Nieman in your prayers as he unfortunately going through some serious health issues and he is a wonderful human being. We love you Chris and wish you the best!

Bruce Pechman, The Muscleman of Technology® is a Consumer Technology and Fitness Personality appearing regularly on “Good Morning San Diego” (KUSI-TV). Bruce’s moniker reflects his 20 years of industry technology expertise, and lifelong dedication to physique training. Bruce has competed in Bodybuilding contests in every decade—in his 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s! He has also made over 500 live TV appearances on major network television. Visit him at