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Your workout

Challenging muscle is the key to building muscle.

‘Change-up’ - or, rather, changing your routine - is essential. For example, a three-day workout routine would look like this:

  • Day 1: Use light resistance for 20 to 75 slow repetitions per exercise, with 5-15 second rest between each exercise - depending upon your condition - once or twice per day. Rest a day.
  • Day 2: Repeat Day 1’s routine. Rest again.
  • Day 3: Use heavy resistance for 10 - 20 slow repetitions per exercise, resting for 5 to 15 seconds in between. Again, this can be done once or twice a day.
  • The next week, change up the order.

This type of workout regime will prevent a plateau so you won’t be stuck at one level. Some of you may be able to handle this more than three days a week. It all depends on your recovery speed.

Here’s another version of the Horizontal Grip exercise, and it’s pretty tough. Reverse positioning of your hands - one palm up and one palm down. Twisting your hand palm up toward you gives your forearm an extra work-out that you’ll really feel!

Be creative with your workout - the more you change-up the routine and the more you keep your muscles guessing, the faster your muscles will develop and you’ll see greater results.

A reminder . . . after each day’s exercise, turn your SideWinder’s resistance knob back to neutral, which is at no resistance. This will keep your ‘Winder in peak performance.

You know . . . that your hand is the last link between you and your sport!

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